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Santorini Island, one of the most famous and beautiful islands in the world. Recognized as a top destination, this active volcanic island will fill you with its intense energy and get you seduced by its magic power. Take the opportunity to be mesmerized by its renowned and unforgettable sunsets looking over its colourful volcanic cliff tops into the caldera and over the still active volcano, or apart from many other adventures, just simply sit back and indulge the flavours Santorini produces, created by its fertile volcanic soil such as world tasted and recommended wines and products.

The most scenic & historical areas on Santorini which are a must to see!


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The Capital Fira

The life and buzz of Santorini! Originally known as Hora, and standing on the rim of the caldera 260m above sea level. Fira is a long, narrow collection of buildings with steep, narrow, stepped alleyways. Filled with local product, museums, and small art galleries not to mention the many jewellery shops. A great place to experience the legendary sunset in one of its many cafeterias and or restaurants.

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The sophisticated and charming village of Oia situated at the north point of Santorini, goes beyond all expectations. Oia hosts the most magnificent views over the volcanic islets and caldera, as well as demonstrating wealth from its commercial trading days by its marble flooring, art galleries and jewelry shops and its colourful cycladic architecture with 52 blue domes are truly beautiful

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Profiti Ilias

Visit the highest point of the island approx. 600m high, admire the amazing panoramic views of Santorini, whilst appreciating at its summit the Monastery of Profiti Ilias, an 18th century sanctuary that many travellers come to visit.

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Pyrgos Village

The old and beautiful capital of Santorini, its beauty lies within the maze of quaint narrow winding cobbled paths and dead ends surrounded by cycladic architecture and Byzantine churches, which eventually lead to the remains of the Venetian castle at the highest point of the village overlooking the whole of Santorini. Pyrgos by far is the ideal place to walk around and feel the exquisite touch of nobility and history.

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Black Volcanic Beaches of Perissa / Perivolos / Kamari

An opportunity to step foot on the wide stretch of hot volcanic black sands which Santorini boasts about, as well as dip in its deep crystal blue waters. Most have yet to live through the experience!

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Red Beach

The most impressive and renowned beach of Santorini! The famous red beach boasts Santorini`s multi-coloured Volcani Cliffs which have plunged into the sea creating a shore of red fine pebbles. Due to faling stones it is now considered dangerous to reach by foot, but it is highly recommended to see even from afar.

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Imerovigli belongs to the days of the pirates! Its position allows you to view the whole of the caldera and take exquisite photographs, as well as having the opportunity to see the fortress in ruins. One of the most important fortresses that existed and destroyed by the volcanic eruption in 1650AD it dates back to the 1200s and is situated directly in front of Imerovigli`s cliff tops.

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Akrotiri Village and Archaeological site

Akrotiri, a traditional yet unique little village bordering the prehistoric Settlement of Akrotiriwhich is one of the most important Archaeiological sites in the world. A city that has remained alive for 3,500e years beneath the lava, tell its story to today`s visitors.

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Ancient Thera

An archaeological site not to be missed, it features the second most important period in the history of Santorini. Situated on top of Mesa Vouno 369m high (otherwise translated the ''inside mountain'') Ancient Thera was first found by the Spartans led by King Thera who built their city there and who was meant to have given his name to the island. Later the Ptolemy`s appreciated the strategic location. This archaeological site, where excavations began in 1896, boasts ruins from Hellenistic and Roman periods as well taking in a breathtaking view over Kamari and Perissa.

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Prehistoric Museum of Fira

The prehistoric museum of Fira takes you back in time and sketches the course of the prehistoric Thera, through selected finds from various excavations, dating back to Neolithic, Minoan and Hellenistic periods onwards. You will be amazed by the unique beauty of the findings of Akrotiri in the Muesum. Ideally but not a necessity if you are thinking of visiting the prehistoric Museum of Fira, you should couple it with a visit to Akroriti archaeological site as well.

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Santorini Wineries

Whether with an official sommelier or with a knowledgeable escort, to visit a Santornian Winery is a must when travelling to Santorini. The volcanic grounds create a distinctive location for grapes to grow. Wines of Santorini are one of a kind and its type cannot be found anywhere else in the world. The cultivation of its grapes is as old as the history of the island and Santorini`s vineyard is the oldest in the Mediterranean. Choose from a number of wineries all offering their own attributes. Some are the following but also many more:

Gavalas, Boutari, Argyros Estate, Volcano Wines and Santo Winery are just some of the famous wineries on Santorini well worth visiting.

Santorini Recommended Private Tours

Half Day & Full Day Tours In Santorini

We suggest the following tour combinations which you can choose from, which also includes further down individual area descriptions. These are also the ingredients to tailor make your desired tour with the assistance of our expertise help and knowledge of the island

Half Day Tour suggestions

  • Profitis Ilias - Pyrgos - Red Beach - Akrotiri
  • Pyrgos - Wine Tasting - Traditional Village of Oia
  • Archaeological Site Akrotiri- Prehistoric Museum in Fira
  • Ancient Thera at Kamari- Prehistoric Museum in Fira
  • Afternoon sunset tour in the famous Village of Oia

Full Day Tour suggestions

  • Prehistoric Museum in Fira - Archaeological Site Akrotiri - Red Beach - Black Beach (Perissa)
  • Megalochori - Profitis Ilias- Pyrgos - Imerovigli - Traditional Village of Oia
  • Traditional Village of Oia - Winetasting - Fira
  • Relaxation day at Perivolos beach for swimming and lunch at a hot spot!
  • Winetasting Tour of 3 different wineries

Tailor Made Tours - as many places and hours as you desire!

Whatever your request, we can make it happen, all you need to do is contact us!